Review: The Elephant Project

I just gave my niece the cutest gift for her baby shower and did an amazing thing in the process.

You simply must check out The Elephant Project.  I want you to meet the cutest characters around: Kiki, Tembo and Oba.

Kiki which means “new life” is an adorable 8 inch elephant doll in a light pink dress.   Tembo which means “elephant” in Swahili is an adorable 8 inch elephant doll in green overalls.  Oba which means “King Ruler” is an 8 inch stuffed lion who is sporting a white jacket and blue bow.  Each of these is $39.00.

Now here is the cool part – 100 percent of the net proceeds go to organizations that help with the poaching crisis and also help injured , abandoned, orphaned and abused elephants.  This is help right here in the United States as well as abroad.   These organizations include The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Elephant Nature Park (Thailand), and the Elephant Cooperation.  These will make sure a treasured addition to a child’s nursery and help a great cause in the process!

Want to hear more about Elephants and learn what is happening to them? Check out their educational link.  I was inspired.

Want to simply make a donation? Click this link and you are on your way to making a difference.  Check them out!