Eight Cool Masks To Help You Look Cool During Quarantine

Well we’ve seen a variety of the regular masks, but masks are boring. Soon we will have to have fashion shows with masks.  So what can I find that’s an alternative to the regular mask. What if I want a mask with a little zest?



Butter Cloth is known for making shirts which are super soft. These are not different.  They feel like your putting your face in a cloud of happiness and joy.
Catherine Jinn cares about skin and added to their skin line a bit of a nice soft mask. Try it out and you can maybe order some skin care products while you’re there.
Do I look fabulous? Why yes, yes I do. Look at this animal print from Chic Tweak. I’m going to be the coolest frood at the party.  This I can even wear out and look the part.
Indie Source is also a contender for a trendy and cool mask. The stars and quality make it look like I mean business. Am I going to the Oscars during Corona? Maybe. Maybe I’m going out to a night club.
Massks makes quality. Massks is in Massachusetts.  With the cotton and the comfort and the filter, this stuff is that added protection but also comfortable.
XMask makes crazy beautiful masks which not only look cutting edge and insane but also have the full protection.  They look amazing and also have a built in filter.
SwaddleDesigns makes cute and soft blankets and now they reconverted their factory for masks. Tell me this isn’t adorable.  The masks feel soft like a baby blanket so they’re really easy to wear.
AirQueen makes basically disposable masks on steroids. They come in these disposable containers but I absolutely love how they wrap around the face.   I also love that they are perfect for throwing in the pocketbook for an emergency mask that will always be on the ready.

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