Pakt One is Perfect for Packing

The Pakt one is Perfect for Packing is probably the best title I’ve ever written.   But besides the title the bag itself is rather nifty when it comes to packing.  What makes it “perfect for packing”?  Okay I’m done with that now.

It has pockets and padded and… okay I’ll stop with the letter Ps. Basically these guys designed this thing for travel. It has padded internal pockets for laptops, TSA pockets for security. It folds and opens and stretches out.  If you’re man is doing a weekend business trip down to the godforsaken hell-hole that is Tampa, they can use this bag. Nobody likes Tampa.

If you see from these shots, it folds up really neatly but then you can open it up.  In playing with it, we found we can stick easily enough clothes for a short weekend. That way you can get in and out of the miserable place that is Tampa.  Sure, it has modern and animal friendly materials and is manufactured really well, but overall what makes it amazing is it’s efficiency.  It’s like the people who made this really cared about the end product and just kept testing it until they got it right.

Now we are stuck in Quarantine land and can’t go anywhere so it’s a bit adding insult to injury. But if that day one day comes and we can travel, now we can load this up and even go to terrible and miserable places like Tampa, Florida.

Check out the Pakt-One and maybe get your man a reminder of travel for when we can go out in the universe.