Help Kids Wash Hands with the MySize Sink and Step Stool

We are living in some scary times right now, especially as parents of young children.  Trying to explain what a pandemic is and why our lives have changed to our three year old has been interesting and not easy.  It’s normal to teach our kids to wash hands, but the amount of added times for hand washing due to the Coronavirus is something that kids struggle with sometimes.  Delta Children has found a way to help ease that burden by making hand washing fun!  With their MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink, Step Stool, and Bath Toy, it’s easier than ever to get kids to wash hands without complaining. 

The MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink took me 5 minutes to put together and instructions were easy to follow.  I like that it was not only a simple set up, but so versatile.  The sink can be used as a stand alone sink anywhere inside or outside of the house, making messy play activities no longer an issue.  The sink has a reservoir behind the faucet that fills with water.  The faucet has three positions, off, constant flow, and controlled flow.  Water drains into a small container in the bottom of one of the legs that comes out to be easily dumped out.  I thought it was a cute design feature that they even added a soap dish in the top of the sink. 

The second way to use the MySize Sink is by separating the mid section which is a stool for the smaller toddlers to use.  It easily slides out for use and then can be snapped back into place.  The sink section can also then be used separately by being placed on the side of the tub, and secures in place with two large suction cups.  This allows kids to have a sink or flipped around to face in the tub to be used for some bath time fun!

My daughter loves being able to wash up after playing outside, and I love that I don’t have to worry about her bringing muddy hands inside.  Any way you use Delta Children’s MySize 3-in-1 Convertible Sink, Step Stool, and Bath Toy, washing hands with your little one will never be a problem again!  For more information and to order your own, check out here.