Cool New Fitness Gear

We are all trying to do our part to get a little more healthier lately and I love me some new fitness purchases to get me motivated.  Check out these awesome items I am loving right now!

Moxie Fitness: listen; if you had a baby you know that your bladder has never been the same since.  Moxie Fitness shorts and capris have this awesome wicking moisture-absorbing barrier to keep you dry while you work out.  Think about how jumping and lifting weights can have an affect on your bladder pressure.  These capri pants are comfortable, super stretchy and give you this nice, smooth look.  I love the wide waistband; I feel like they really have support.  The cost is affordable ranging from $65 for the shorts to $75 for the capri pants.  These are made by women and rule!

ShakeShere Tumbler: This is an awesome protein shaker bottle that you will love adding to your cabinet.  You no longer need that silly mixing ball that is really just an extra thing to wash.  The shape of the cup (capsule) does the mixing and nothing gets stuck in the corner.  This is safe, BPA free plastic and even freezer safe!  I take mine in the car with zero worry since the cap is leak proof.  Nothing drops on your clothes and spills in your car’s console.  The cost is perfect at around $20.  This is a win-win and easy to grab on Amazon.

No Sweat Hat Liner: perfect for your hat, helmet or visor is this great “no sweat liner” that sticks very easily into your hat.  They are really great moisture wicking power in an disposable option.  This means no fogging of your glasses or eyewear.  Your hat will stay cleaner longer.  It is completely hypoallergenic and reduces odor too!  Think hardhats too if anyone is in the construction field!  Not expensive at all (approximately $10 for 3) and also available on Amazon.

Mybite Vitamins: ok where are my peanut lovers???  These are simply amazing vitamin treats.  Yup, I said vitamin and treat in the same sentence.  I have been trying out a few of the companies options (Multi, Calcium, Energy) and they are all really impressive and yummy.  For the same sugar volume in a gummy vitamin you get 17 essential vitamins and nutrients with chocolate, caramel, peanuts and a great fluffy-like center.  They are gluten free and have no artificial colors or flavors.  The cost is a no brainer at about $12 for a month’s supply.  Honestly, this is like snack meets important body immunity boosting.

These are all such innovative options!  Check them out for your household!