I would leave my husband for a truShiatsuPRO Foot Massager

TruMedictruShiatsu™PRO Foot Massager with Heat

I don’t want to mince words here. If I had this device before my husband came around, I would not be married. Even now, I am reconsidering the depths of love in our marriage.

First, I love that it’s simple and straightforward. Stick your feet in and press the buttons.  You want heat? Great. You want massaging? Press it.

Now, I’ll tell you the trick combo. Level 2, Heat High, intensity high.  Just do that and drink a glass of wine and all your problems will go away. That particular combo is the most intense and this mamma is quite happy with her chardonnay and her feet being massaged.

Now, I’ve seen robotic massagers and honestly, they feel like either nothing or a jackhammer going at it.  In this case, they actually replicate human hands, which is kind of weird but obviously amazing.

The reviews on Amazon seem to be either one way or the other. Some people loved it but complained that it died after using it like 20 times a day.  I can see why you’d want to use it so much but with any device, I would think you wouldn’t want to go crazy on it.

But this is the kind of purchase that one shouldn’t overthink.  If you enjoy your feet getting massaged and your husband isn’t that type of guy who is willing to help… well first, rethink your marriage. I mean seriously, I’ve been on my feet all day, I could use a bit of help here.

If that doesn’t work, buy a bottle of chardonnay and get yourself one of these.  You will not regret it.