Coral UV Sanitizer and Dryer

Properly sanitizing things can be tricky, and time consuming.  There are so many germs to worry about these days, and sometimes the “10 second rule” doesn’t cut it.  Another issue is that, especially with small kids, there is so much to clean, and not everything can go in those handy microwave steamer containers.  Dishwashers can leave spots and residue, and some things have so many small crevices that you wonder if they ever truly get clean.  The wondering and worrying can stop here with the Coral UV Sanitizer and Dryer.

The Coral UV Sanitizer and Dryer kills 99.9% of household germs including E. Coli, Staph, and Candida.  Without using water or heat, the Coral UV’s dual UVC lights kill germs in just 10 minutes, and works with the touch of a button.  With different settings for drying and/or sanitizing, it is easy to clean household items without worrying about missing a spot.  The inside is stainless steel, making sure that there is no opportunity for anything to grow but your confidence that your family is being protected from harmful germs and bacteria.

I liked that it comes with a stainless steel basket so you can load even the smaller items such as baby utensils, nipples, pacifiers, and teething items.  The controls are simple to understand and press, and the digital countdown on the top is clear and easy to see.  Coral UV has a safety feature tat automatically shuts everything off in case little hands press the button to open the lid during a cycle.  And for busy parents that forget once a cycle is over, there is no rush to empty it as Coral UV will continually sanitize for 2 minutes every 2 hours for a 24 hour time period.  The Coral UV system is easy to load, easy to use, and easy to clean (with a damp cloth), making one chore easy and painless.  I also liked that it was whisper quiet, so no disturbing sleeping babies while it works!

The Coral UV Sanitizer and Dryer is a must have on your baby registry and is so versatile, that it will be used for years to clean any number of household items that get dirty- from baby bottles, to small kids’ toys, toothbrushes, the list goes on!  This product is well worth the investment for your family and ensuring that they can stay safe and healthy.  For more information and where to buy near you, check out

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