Morgan Taylor Favorite Eight

I am kind of a diva when it comes to cosmetics.  I like to do my homework and buy only the best.  This is why I never have any money LOL

I am really loving Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquers.  They are always coming up with new shimmery and glittery colors that I just don’t see anywhere else.  The crazy part is that they are super long lasting (and I really put them to the test with all the art classes I take)!  And…they do not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.  I feel like all the products that say they last a long time have all these nasty chemicals in them to accomplish that.

The Morgan Taylor Favorite Eight collection is so far one of my favorites. This beautiful set includes eight different colors of nail polish; Taupe Model, Water Field, Make You Blink Pink, Lots Of Dots, Hot Rod Red, Tahiti Hottie, Samurai, and Up In the blue. My absolute favorite color is Hot Rod Red which I shared a picture of here on this review.  All you need to do is put on two base layers of the Morgan Taylor base coat, and then apply the Morgan Taylor top coat. This nail polish has nice and exciting colors, and different glittery, shimmery, top coats to play around with. I really like this nail polish and I am definitely going to give it as a gift to somebody because It is so amazing.  

I cannot wait to see what they come out with for Spring 2020.  Check them out!

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