The ReliefHeat is a USB charging, app controlled heating device that basically fits in your backpack ridiculously easily.

Honestly, it is one of these things they received that I love for the convenience. You can stick it in your backpack and it does get pretty darn hot for something running of of a USB. It’s really all about the convenience with this thing. It’s size and the ability to charge with the USB – C is pretty simple.  If you’re on the go and it dies, you can charge it really anywhere.

The only cons I would say is that it only seems to turn on by using the app itself. At times, that could be quite annoying if you’re not in the mood to load the app.  I mean I barely have time to breathe myself!

The purpose of the app is to track your pain level and see if things are improving or not over time, but sometimes I just want to ease of throwing the darn thing over my back. I mean do I even have that 20 seconds as a Mom?

That said, I highly recommend it simply for the fact of the ease of having a huge relief which I can charge with my portable cell phone battery. It’s now a mandate in my pocket book.

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