Couchmaster CYBOSS Review


Why confine yourself to a stiff office chair all day when you can elevate your work-from-home experience to new heights? Say goodbye to uncomfortable desks and chairs and hello to the ultimate gift for anyone who works from the comfort of their home—the Couchmaster® collection by nerdytec.

Founded by two avid gamers who were fed up with the limitations of traditional gaming setups, nerdytec has been transforming the way we play and work since its inception in 2011. The evolution of their original wood versions led to the creation of the Couchmaster CYCON and other innovative products that redefine the concept of a workspace.

CYCON²: Unleash Comfort and Efficiency!

The CYCON², a marvel in ergonomic design, features high-quality memory foam compact cushions that not only provide superior comfort but also take up minimal space on your couch. With six USB 3.0 ports for your input devices, a fast-charging port, internal cable management for extra power, and three convenient small pockets, this is the ultimate solution for those who demand both functionality and style. Discover the CYCON² here.

CYBOT: Elevate Your Notebook Experience!

Designed with notebook users in mind, the CYBOT combines ventilation for cooling, vacuumized cushions for comfort, and a durable, sustainable design. With the added touch of a Kevlar® cushioned front and mouse pads, this lapdesk is a game-changer for those who prioritize mobility without compromising on performance.

CYBOSS: For the Executive in You!

Meet the CYBOSS, the largest couch desk in the Couchmaster® lineup. Tailored to fit every body type, it boasts a centered ventilation grille, an enlarged support surface, side pockets, and an integrated cup holder. Crafted from 100% natural bamboo wood, the CYBOSS is not just a desk; it’s a statement. Gift one to the boss in your life and let them experience the pinnacle of comfort and functionality.

Couchmaster® lapdesks are renowned worldwide for their innovative design, cleverness, and convenience. As the holidays approach, why not make someone’s workday easier? Order the CYCON² for $179, the CYBOT for $139, or the CYBOSS for $169. Revolutionize your home office setup—because comfort should never be compromised. Order now and redefine the way you work!