Crown Royal Whiskey

The perfect holiday housewarming gift for this gift giving season is “Crown Royal Deluxe” Whiskey.  My husband adores “Northern Harvest Rye”, a Canadian rye along with the known smoothness of Crown Royal.  He immediately senses the wood and oak finish; remarkably you can taste a hint of vanilla with a heat kick but it finishes smooth and cream-like.  There are a wonderful variety of recipes available on the company’s website; I indulged in a “Harvest Sour” (recipe here: which was smooth, delicious and the quite frankly the perfect fall drink.  My husband tried a Crown Royal recipe for the “Classic Whiskey Sour” using the Harvest Rye which he said is now his new favorite beverage:  So many options you can find a recipe to please everyone in your group!  Next up we sampled Crown Royal’s “Hand Selected Barrel”.  This specific whiskey is distilled in the “Coffey Still” named after the man who invented it.  This is the only still of its kind in North America.  We can both say that it’s the creamiest and smoothest whiskey we have ever tried.  Down to the beautiful velvet bags the bottles come packaged in this is a true “royal” experience through and through.  It is really no wonder we love it so much, the standards are still to this day just as high as back in 1939 when it was created as a gift to the King and Queen of England who were visiting Canada.  Bravo to Crown Royal for a wonderful winner in the world of Whiskey’s.  Please visit for more information on these and other fine “Crown Royal” options.

crown royal

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