Modarri Toy Car

Modarri brings us the ultimate toy car for the holidays; this is soooo not your ordinary toy car; they have real mechanics, steering, and suspension.  Now here is the cool part: they are completely interchangeable and put you in the mechanic seat.  Design a car that looks as you want it to and performs with the tricks and capabilities that come direct from your mind.  Your fingers do the racing and the car is completely durable for continuous open-ended play and racing.  This is a completely battery free ride folks.  Choose between “street”, “track” or “dirt” car options (we are trying out a T1 Track option and couldn’t be happier playing around with its performance).  Each car retails for around $20; you can add different body packs to change-up the color/design scheme.  Need new wheels? They are available as well.  Check out the Modarri website for purchasing options and information.  I found a great blog with DIY information and ideas from other racing enthusiasts.  You can be featured with your creation by submitting pics, information on your design and supplies used as well as your age to be considered.  I know my son will absolutely LOVE this idea and I cannot wait to have him put his design up against others!  Yet another toy that really combines education and a love for science and the STEM program they are learning in school with playtime and imagination.  Please visit to “hit the road” and get creating.  Start your very own garage!


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