Culture Pop Soda

Culture Pop Soda is absolutely worth a try and has earned a spot in my cooler this weekend.   They are plant based, vegan friendly, gluten free and non-GMO.  About 40 calories a can, making it a guilt-less choice for your to enjoy.   These are made with organic fruit juice and these cool zesty spices that make the flavor combo/taste like nothing you’ve ever tried before.  This is a probiotic soda which I love making sure I take in as often as possible.

We all grabbed a different flavor and tried them out.  I had the Wild Berries basil and lime soda.  Very refreshing and I would absolutely have it again.  My daughter loves their watermelon lime and rosemary option.  The hubby said the Ginger Lemon with turmeric is and I quote “a can of soda we can never be without again”.  I feel like it has all this good stuff hidden inside and I swear I  think I felt better after enjoying mine.

You can easily grab these online – I recommend trying one of their variety packs so you can sample all the yummy options and find your favorite.   You can also grab them in some of your favorite local stores as well.   This is a really good option to replace all the bad soda in your house with a really good tasting option that is also really good for you!