Cute and Practical Baby Products by Sock Ons

Finding baby gifts that are cute, practical, and won’t be a duplicate at a baby shower is tough.  The following are a couple of ideas from Sock Ons to help you get started that will be a pleaser and an answer to problems that arise for any parent with an infant.

Parent problem #1: keeping socks on those cute little wiggly feet!  Sock Ons is an innovative product designed by a mom tired of lost socks and cold baby toes.  They are easy to use, you simply put them on over top of the baby’s sock.  It is lightweight and holds the sock on the foot by securely holding around the hole over the heel.  Even as baby tugs, the sock stays secure and you don’t have to worry about losing socks, or your mind!  Sock Ons come in a variety of colors and sizes so they can match any baby or outfit.  They can be found online at , as well as other retailers online and in stores.

Also by the Sock Ons company comes Mocc Ons.  Mocc Ons are soft and comfortable slipper socks for padding around the house.  They come in sizes from 6 months to 3 years old and in a variety of colors and styles.  My favorite are the ones meant to look like little sneakers!  Mocc Ons are warm and well made, with 100% leather soles to reduce slipping.  Check out Mocc Ons and more at



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