Top Attractions in Santa Fe for Families

Top Places in Santa Fe for Kids

Santa Fe is usually viewed as a Mecca for adults and dining but honestly it’s one of the most family friendly destinations that we’ve been to. The locals are wonderful, and the arts and cultural is really to die for.

In no particular order:

Walk Around the Town

Okay this sounds simple but it’s so true. Just walk around. This is a town for walking and every corner has something unique. It’s a great town to just see different things and get the local flavor.

This is such a great walking town and so many angles to take pictures with the kids.  Plus they have all of these unique shops that give you a whole different feel than the usual chain stores.


There’s trails everywhere. Do you want to hike in a mountain? A dessert? It’s all around here. Santa Fe has so many trails and for so many experiences it’s really a great place to go walking or hiking with the family.

I love the fact that you can drive to a trail and be back in your hotel in time for lunch. Some of these trails start just on the edge of town so it makes it really easy to zip over to them


Georgia O’Keefe Museum

It seems that Georgia O’Keeffe appeals to women of a certain age. When a young kid comes in the docents go crazy. They are really beyhond attentive and sweet. And also what young girl doesn’t like looking at paintings of flowers…. Even if they look like they’re not flowers but… ok that’s another story.


The Harrell House Bug Museum

This is disgusting but the kids love it. I have no particular interest in seeing bugs but the kids went crazy with this one. They loved the bugs crawling all over them. It was also conveniently located right in the mall so that made things easy when one of the adults wanted to sneak off.


Meow Wolf
An art exhibit that is so much more. This is an entire destination. What makes Meow Wolff awesome is that it really is art but it’s also so much more. It’s a playground, it’s a destination, it’s an overall experience.

Skate School
Looking for something unique to do with the kids? Jump start them on skating. This is the kind of place that you can use as the reward for them doing something else entirely. “If you do your homework, we’ll send you to Skate School.” Plus, we loved as parents that it got them the right footing on safety with a skateboard.



Kakawa Chocolate House
One of the most unique chocolate places we’ve seen and the best Hot Chocolate. What’s awesome is they will explain the differences with the chocolate and the history of the chocolate.



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