Happy Wax – Review

Scents make me so happy; they literally lift me up when I feel a little stressed or down in the dumps.  I was so excited to open a box for review that contained the great products from Happy Wax.  These are safe and super easy to use wax warmer and wax melts in so many fragrance options!

Lets start with the warmers.  These will cost you $25=60 depending on size (plug in etc.)  I have their new Mod Wax Warmer ($40) that has 3-6-9 hour timer and temperature (low/medium/high) options.  It offers such a nice, warm glowing ambient light which is so nice at the end of the day when you are reading and relaxing.  It comes in an nice array of colors also so you can match your room and decor/style.  I also want to mention it is super easy to clean after using.

Now onto the wax melts.  These are made with all natural soy and are essential oil infused.  Right up this girl’s alley.  Fragrance options are AMAZING like pecan pie, apple harvest, salted caramel, lavender, lemon lime and so much more.  Also noteworthy are their awesome holiday scents like evergreen trees, winterberry, gingerbread and more!  You will not be able to pick just one which is super perfect since they are on sale right now! Each one is about $15-20 and burn for 100-240 hours.  Think about that and how great the price is for burn time!

These are great gifts for everyone on your list! Check them out!