Dad’s corner: my evenings with Maker’s Mark bourbon whisky

I just ran, crunched, and hid for a good 15 minutes. Killed two guys. Or maybe they were girls. Who knows? Where they 46 years old like me, or just primary school kids? I don’t know. But after that great win playing Fortnite, it’s time for celebration. I can pour some Maker’s Mark into my now empty glass.

Empty? An hour ago, I took my first glass of the evening. That time, it was not to celebrate a win, but to alleviate the pain of being eliminated last during another epic game of Fortnite.

Yes, I’m 46 but I play video games, even those geared more toward a younger crowd. But the difference between me and them is that I will keep a Maker’s Mark bourbon whisky nearby as I play, while those kids will drink some cola. However, I have an edge over them. A secret weapon. I can drink cola too. If I add a third of Coke to my bourbon, I now have an excellent Mark-and-Coke. Some might call this a Bourbon and Coke, but for me, it’s a Mark-and-Coke and nothing else. Maker’s Mark is sweeter than most other bourbons and might be the best one to mix with soda. Forget the rest, just use the best.

What do you say? You don’t know much about liquor? What can you expect? Well, you probably tried a Jack Daniels in your life. Who did not? Let’s use a good O’l Jack to compare.

Maker’s Mark is handmade, Jack Daniels is machine produced. Point Maker’s Mark.

Maker’s Mark is 45% ABV, Jack Daniels is 40%. Point… Whoever?

Maker’s Mark is aged for 6 years, Jack Daniels is aged for 4. Point Maker’s Mark: it is less harsh in the throat.

With oak, caramel, and vanilla with a subtle finish, a shot of Maker’s Mark is definitively smoother than a Jack Daniel’s. And to me, definitely better. And a great companion to my Fortnite games.