Our Favorite Indie Online Coffee Shops

We all love coffee, and I absolutely love trying different coffee brewers. I hate the usual, mass-produced brewers and just feel that coffee brewers bring about a different level of fun to your morning brewing. But, what’s really cool are the coffee subscriptions which let you handle gift giving for coffee lovers without too much thought.

Folly Coffee

Folly Coffee is independently owned and roasting straight out of St. Louis Park, MN. These high-end coffees not only taste good but come in an awesome packaging. Sure, I just love the cool look. But the fun part is the gift subscription. If you know somebody who is a coffee lover, this at least makes gift-giving quite easy.


Meritage Coffee

Did I say Heritage? No, I said Meritage Coffee. It just launched in 2021 and is roasted right in NY. They have a subscription model so that if you’re a fan of their style, you can get it straight to you every month. The Founder’s Reserve lives up to it’s name and is another level of awesome.


Amora Coffee

Well, Amora Coffee has tons of varieties, but I’m putting them on this list because they’re running a crazy half-pound for $1 special. For that reason alone, how could you not try it? What you see in the photo is their fair trade coffee, and I not only love that it’s organic but treating humans nicely with fair trade is always a good thing.



Quintal Coffee

Quintal coffee just amazes me because I never thought of ordering coffee straight from a location like that. Well, here we are.  For $20 a month you can get it straight from the origin and have all the happy markings (like you see in the photo on the left).  Now, if you know somebody who is a real expert, then this would be for them to learn a bit more.

Progeny Coffee

Okay, fifth generation Coffee Maker… I don’t even have to write anything else. Imagine that concept for a moment. That’s history. Well, Progeny Coffee is run by Maria Jose Palacio and it’s that passion and that energy that drives her to make her coffee to this day. How can we NOT put her on this list?


First Ascent

A Crested Butte, Colorado roaster makes both whole bean and instant coffee. Now first off, I’m wondering the effect of a company roasting at 8,900 foot elevation.  But it was also quite interesting to have an instant coffee from an indie roaster.  It’s not something we’ve seen on this list and they’re a much nicer twist than a generic hotel coffee.

Honey and Roses

I first of all loved their packaging as well as the other fun stuff. For example, behind that cool spoon is the reusable iced coffee holder. But our focus is the coffee and these coffee subscriptions take unique coffees and add an element of awesome. So you can get subscriptions not just with coffee, but with an extra little pizazz.