Walthers Flyer Express Fast-Freight train set

I’ve seen quite a few different Christmas train sets, but to be honest most of them were rather cheesy and did not have that classic look. Clearly, this is not the case for the Walther’s Train Set.


What you see in the photo is the Walther’s Train Line Flyer Express train set. This is the type of train set that you grew up with but don’t often see anymore.


It features actual locomotive lines like you see here, being the Burlington Northern Santa Fe wine. These are built sturdy and to scale.


In addition, one major marked improvement from the ones I had as a kid is that they have built the tracks so much better. If you look in the photo you’ll see the tracks are built on a sturdy plastic base. I can tell you firsthand that I have gone through many years of therapy to deal with the trauma of trying to align the tracks the right way. They never seemed to work out for me to any degree as any uneven surface would cause the tracks to go awry. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a marked improvement this is


In addition, it’s just that the overall quality certainly feels that much better. Walthers has that  classic look that I grew up with you but it has an element overall that you could tell that somebody learned from the errors of the past. It’s not any specifics that I could find but overall you could just tell that they made them a little bit better.


This is the complete beginner set so it does make for a great standalone present. Everything you need is right here to begin. The charger, the tracks, the train. This can run right out of the gate.


At this price point, it is definitely going to be a flagship present and the quality is certainly much higher than the kind of sets that  I’ve seen in local gas stations for other novelty sets. This is 100% definitely the real deal.


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