Dalci Guilt-Free Brownies


Ladies…who doesn’t have a sweet tooth?!  We are hormonal women and always need a little something after a long and stressful day. Check out these amazing guilt-free Dalci brownies we are testing out this week.  Man, I love this gig!  I get to sample brownies that actually are made with clean ingredients.

Dalci – These are yummy, soft-baked brownies that contain no sugar alcohols or refined sugar.  They are gluten-free.  They are completely GUT-HEALTHY.  This means you can enjoy something with no stomach bloat or side effects.  What do they contain?? Avocado Oil (good for digestion), Coconut Sugar (probiotic/prebiotic), and Almond Flour (high fiber).

You don’t need to mix anything or bake anything or even turn on your oven at all.  All you need to do is pop one in the microwave for about 10 seconds and they are just like “fresh out of the oven.”

Here are your options: dark chocolate, almond butter and dark chocolate, and lemon coconut.  Each box comes with six (6).  I tried their variety box that had two of each of these fantastic flavors.  I have to tell you; there wasn’t one we didn’t like.  Each one was moist, rich, and really just good.  Think about it—this is a junk-free snack.  How is that possible??

Check out Dalci guilt-free brownies right now! $20 for the box of six.