San J Sauces

Mother’s Day BBQ is gonna be much sweeter this weekend as I was asked to try out wonderful marinades and sauces from San J.
I really love the convenience of being able to use a gluten-free and all natural product.  Each batch of their “Tamari” Soy Sauce is brewed for 6 months with no artificial preservatives and through such an amazing traditional method.  This soy sauce is literally 100% from soybeans.  This brings a true luxury flavor that is second to none!  We are a family who makes a lot of different stir-frys throughout the hectic week and I was so thrilled with the authentic quality of this sauce!  We also tried an amazing “teriyaki” sauce (also gluten-free) as a marinade and there was not one piece of chicken left on the platter!  My picky eaters kept asking “what did you use mommy? This is soooo good”.  I was thrilled we had a nice family dinner where everyone was given such healthy options.  For a minute it was like we were out to dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant.  I cannot wait to give their other flavor options a try (sweet and tangy, orange, thai peanut) to name a few.  If you check out their website San J. provides you with recipes you will love to try!  For us we will be looking forward to Tuesday’s “Shitake Noodles! http://www.san-j.comSan J 1 san J 2


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