Decorated – A Quarterly Decorating Box

DecoratedThe company is called Decorated, which is probably one of the best named companies I have seen in terms of the name matching their purpose. Basically they send you boxes of decorations to provide seasonal decor for your home.

What I love about this is it brings together items that I would never think of buying or I would spend all my time searching for and it combines all of these into one happy and awesome box. What you see in front of you is a cute summertime box and you see how it’s garden theme and yellow meld together.

What makes this genius is the simplicity. You are paying here not so much for the pieces, but the thought that puts it all together. You’re paying for the coordination I will admit I do not have in any way shape and or form. You’re paying for the ease of being able to create a theme of decoration that you otherwise could never pull off.

Plus, they have a subscription service so that you can follow along for the seasons.

But if you don’t believe me, follow them on social and you’ll see they have a hell of a better taste than I, and they can just make me look good.