Must-Haves for Moms: Babies and Early Readers!

Must-Haves for Moms!

As a mom of two, I have seen my fair share of baby products and brands…more than I would like to admit! We have cabinets, drawers, and bins full of baby items – don’t make the same mistake! Over time I started to develop a list of my favorite items for infants, toddlers, and early readers. These “must-haves for moms” are sure to help you take good care of your little ones and save you some struggles along the way.

When my husband and I first started on this journey, we received lots of personal recommendations for baby products but needed to let our babies take everything for a test drive before settling on our favorites. The poorly made items didn’t last long with our ‘rough and tumble’ little ones. However, these “must-haves for moms” are sure to be a hit with your kids! Also, visit for many more can’t-miss products and ideas for your little ones!

This mom loves MAM!

Our kids just cannot get enough of the MAM teethers, pacifiers and bottles! They are some of the best on the market and solved a few problems for us along the way. Moms and dads: raise your hand if you have ever fumbled around in the dark looking for a pacifier!  MAM has night time pacifiers with pieces that glow in the dark –  what a smart idea! The teethers are especially awesome – they look great, come with a clip, and can be frozen for that chilly relief our teething babies are looking for.  We recommended the MAM Anti-Colic bottles to a relative who was looking for any suggestions that might help their little one.  They had some success and noticed lessened fussy periods throughout the day.  Based on our experience MAM doesn’t disappoint!

This is a picture of assorted MAM Products
Pictured – MAM: Original Pacifier, Comfort Pacifier, Night Pacifier, Start Pacifier, Mini Cooler & Clip Teether, Cooler Teether, Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottle System

Kudos for Kudos!

These Kudos diapers are amazing and saved my baby’s tushy! Kudos diapers are hypoallergenic and have helped immensely with rashes. They are also lined with 100% cotton and rely heavily on plant based materials.  Plus if you are a hip mom and love cute designs these diapers are right up your alley. Kudos diapers are great for my baby and great looking – check them out for sure! 

Picture of Kudos diaper pack
Pictured: Kudos diaper packs Size 1 and Size 4, Kudos Changing Pad

Just Right Reader–  This is such a cool concept and has really helped my oldest learn to love reading. We have always taken fun trips to the library to pick out books.  Unfortunately, she is still too young to self-select and can get easily over-stimulated. The Just Right Reader helped to solve that problem! I answered a few questions about my daughter’s interests and abilities and now we get books delivered that are geared towards her.  We receive a monthly Reading Box with age and level-appropriate books, activities, and other assorted items including a cape and mask. I am definitely not a teacher – but the easy-to-use instructions made me feel like one. If you are looking to foster your child’s love for reading,  definitely check them out!

Picture of Just Right Reader monthly package
Just Right Reader Package including assorted items, directions, and activities