New Skin Products You Will Love!

CBD and essential oils are all the rage and we have been checking out these great items you can use in the shower and on your body!  You will quickly fall in love like we did and add them into your daily routine.

Clearly Balanced Days is this amazing company that is helping us physically and mentally.  “It’s The Balm” Magic Stick ($12) is like amazing.  It has 50mg of broad spectrum hemp extract and is so easy to roll on with NO OILY residue!  The Mani/Pedi Fizzies are pretty darn cool ($10).   We all have no time at all for lengthy bathes/soaks so these are perfect for a quick foot/hand soak.  Each fizzie has 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract.  I love how the scent of the essential oils fills the room and pampers your senses!  Boost+Protect is great for immune support (clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary), while Relax+Unwind will cure what aches your tired feet and hands (sweet orange, tangerine, patchouli, ylang ylang, rosemary) and Rise+Shine is a great way to start your day or weekend (sweet orange and basil).  They smell so yummy!  How about a Fizzy Disc ($14) for a nice late day soak?!?  This is 100mg broad spectrum hemp extract that will have you moisturized and back to normal in no time (same great scent options I mentioned above are available).  Other great items like massage oils and wonderful items for your pets are also available!

Patchology Roll Model: I have totally told you all about this wonderful company before.  Here is yet another great item of theirs for you to love.  Roll Model Eye Serum is this amazing new item I have in my morning and night routine that is doing wonders for my undereye area.  Hero Status is a great blend of banana extract, mango seed extract and hyaluronic acid that will make you look bright and dewy in no time!  I personally LOVE this for travel, stress and basically every darn day!

BEECure-R Radiation and Laser Skin Care Cream: This cream ($25) is great for sunburns, sensitive skin, after radiation treatments, chemical peels, hair removals and more.  It contains buckwheat honey and calendula and totally gets rid of any redness and inflammation.  It also has great hydration properties and will leave your skin healthy and nourished.

Check all of these great options out!