Dentek Professional Whitening Polisher

As a busy mommy I am always looking for an inexpensive but high-quality teeth whitening product.  I have found my new favorite in Dentek’s Professional Whitening Polisher which truly does get you on your whitening way in under 3 minutes.  This is truly music to my “I do not have 5 seconds to myself” ears.  I was skeptical so I have been trying it out.  I am here to tell you this is a wonderful product.  Basically, you use the polisher once a week and it’s just minutes per application.  Insert the polishing tip into the whitening gel cup and apply in circular motion to your teeth (basically just like your dentist polishes your teeth at his/her office).  You keep polishing until you have hit each one of your teeth and then easily discard the gel and the tip.  Rinse your polisher and its all set for the following week.  I am on week three and loving the ease of the application and the results I am seeing!  $39.99 is all this costs; please visit for more information (AMAZON has this product available for purchase).

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