Destiny: The Taken King

Think you have what it takes to save the universe from “The Darkness” and mass destruction? If the answer is yes; and you are a video game fan make sure you check out a new game from Activision: Destiny: The Taken King.  This game is the real deal: it comes from the creators of “Halo” and “Call of Duty” where you are the guardian to the last city on Earth.  No big deal, right? (LOL)  The game features  all new story missions, armor and gear as well as the same danger and action as the original Destiny.   You can create literally every aspect of your guardian with regard to the armor and weaponry and choose whether to play social, public, cooperative, campaign or multiplayer competition.  Form teams, explore and roam; its pretty much up to you.  Want even more weapons? You can purchase an expansion pass and the sky is suddenly the limit.  Stay tuned because more maps, strikes and modes are always on the way!  Make sure you follow the game on twitter for up to date info on what’s new and happening!  You can also purchase the “Legendary Collection” that features the original destiny game, the expansion I and II as well as The Taken King.  For more information, cool videos and how to purchase please visit  The game is rated “T” for teen due to animated blood violence.  My husband and I found the graphics amazing and the game so realistic; truly like you are part of the action.  The music in the background is awesome and keeps you in the spirit of the game and keeps you motivated to keep on saving the world!

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