The Moodsters

I found a must-buy for the preschooler in your life this holiday season.  The Moodsters, an adorable group of 5 detectives (Coz (happy), Lolly(love), Snorf (sad and blue), Razzy (angry) and Quigly(shy, scared and nervous)) are on the scene whenever their buddies Zach and Zoey may have a “feelings emergency”.  These go super well with the curriculum taught in school where our children visit the “mood meter” throughout the day to express and manage their own emotions as well as recognize their peer’s emotions.  Beginning just a few months ago, a great new line of toys and books featuring The Moodsters will be available exclusively at Target.  I was sent the “Moodster Meter” and the “Feelings Flashlight” to try out with my kiddies.  Together, we read a storybook and were able to meet the Moodsters and discover how they help their friend Zach go through the emotions he is experiencing as a result of a magic trick gone wrong.  The wonderfully bright electronic feelings thermometer that came along with the book kept the kids interested and learning the words to describe their very own feelings!  Next, we read “The Scary Sleepover” which is perfect for my “afraid of the dark at bedtime” little one.  Together with the “Feelings Flashlight” and the Moodster detectives both Zach and my own child were able to overcome their fears and learn the process behind the emotions they go through in the process!

Moodster creator Denise Daniels; you are dead-on with these characters and we thank you for bringing them into our lives.  For more information please visit as well as  Their website features interactive free play games you will adore!  Visit|All|matchallpartial|all+categories&lnk=snav_sbox_the+moodsters to make a purchase.

the moodsters 2the moodsters

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