Did you ever hear of Sherry and Port?

Port and SherryOkay, maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I barely heard of Port and Sherry. They were basically a thing that I heard about in the movies. I always thought they were associated with cooking, but apparently I’m wrong.

I got to try a variety of them and let me tell you, this Mom is now learning the joys of Sherry and Port.

First off is Sherry.  I’ve always heard it to be the kind of drink that only old people drink.  Why are they saying this horrible thing!

They are fortified wines, each named after a region of Spain.

First off, on the left you’ll see Amontillado.  This stuff is dry and carries a  punch with a bit of a spice.

Don Zoilo was a Manzanilla was lighter.

The Pedro Ximenez was basically like drinking a candy store. Oooh was this sweet

The Harveys felt a bit 1950s style but after Wandavision’s first episode it fit in perfectly. Okay, after five of these I’m feeling a bit loopy.

Did I mention that Sherrys are high in alcohol?  What was I saying?

Maybe I shouldn’t write this having tasted all five in a row!

You know, having gone through all, I can say it is definitely an acquired taste.  Now whenever I say “Acquired Taste” I feel like that means it’s something bad.

That’s far from it.

For me, the sherrys you see here are nothing like I’ve tasted before. They are great for a drink at desert.

This isn’t your grandpa’s sherrys. I feel like there is a negative label to sherry, like it’s only for old people.  I mean Magellan loved it, Shakespeare love it!  They even said Magellan spent more on Sherry than weapons as he prepared to sail around the world.  So there’s quite a history here.

I found them a quite lovely sipping drink.  This is made for sipping by the fireplace and putting your feet up. It’s a different experience then drinking a chardonnay with your feet up by the fire. These were designed for keeping you warm through the winter.