Infuse Your Mood Tea

These days our mood can change literally in a second.  I try each morning to get up, be positive (even though everything is disgusting LOL) and somehow by the mid-day I am irritable and stressed out.  What If I told you as part of my gig here that I got to test out Mood Teas this week.  Yup; you heard me correct – I am drinking tea I would be drinking anyhow and it is helping with my mood.  A-MAZING!

Infuse your mood tea is made with 100% eleuthero leaves.  The purpose – to leave you calm and slightly renewed.  Eleuthero is actually an herb that helps your body deal naturally with stress.  It supports your defense system which is soooo needed these days anyhow and I felt like it kind of “reset” me without feeling jittery or any side effects.  The taste is pretty normal and mild so I’m pretty sure you would all like it as much as I did.  As someone who also dabbles in loose leaf tea I was excited that this brand offers that option as well.  Same situation – both drinking the tea and breathing in the aroma had me calmer in minutes.  And with loose leaf tea – you can actually adjust the strength to your liking; mild, bold whatever you please!