Did You Know Peanut Butter Cools Down Hot Sauce?

peanut butter hot sauce
peanut butter hot sauce

Did you know that peanut butter can actually help cool down the burning sensation of hot sauce? This is one of those facts that make me so happy because I love hot sauce and I also love peanut butter.

It turns out that the fats in peanut butter have a counteracting element to the hot sauce which takes away the burning sensation. I had previously known that milk had this effect due to the fat content of milk, but I never knew about peanut butter. I have unsuccessfully tried to drink gallons of water and all it accomplished was me getting a big belly and the feeling of heat never going away.

What makes this intriguing is that it seems to bring about an entirely new form of marketing. They always seem to offer beer at the local pub (which of course makes sense), but they never seem to offer peanut butter as a valid option.

Maybe this could be an entirely new idea where you could take a hot wing, drink a shot of beer, and then take a shot of peanut butter. How will this affect the hot wing eating contests?

Are you excited about the possibility of eating more hot sauce with a swig of peanut butter?