NatuEra Relief & Recovery Roll-On CBD Lotion

About Us NatuEra
About Us NatuEra

Pain. Whether your joints hurt from an accident, from age, or a chronic illness, finding a product that provides real relief without side effects that last is close to impossible. Fad treatments come and go, so trying something that is infused with CBD may not be on the top of your list.

I was told at the age of 32 my back was pre-arthritic. BioFreeze was the hot new pain relief topical on the market — and it was safe for me to use while pregnant. But 15 years later, and with a lot more arthritic parts, some of those modern remedies no longer worked. And the idea of spending decades in pain with the only solutions available causing stomach troubles or many, many doctors appointments was not appetizing. But with daily activities like vacuuming and shoveling snow becoming painful, I decided it was time to try some CBD-infused options.

To say I was skeptical would be putting it mildly. On the surface, NatuEra’s lotion is similar to many other topical pain relievers. Its main ingredients are Methyl Salicylate & Menthol and it does make you smell like your grandma too. However, the big difference lies in the proprietary Premium Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract that is added in. NatuEra grows the hemp plants used in the lotion. The first time I used the lotion I was going out to shovel again. My lower back — that first pre-arthritic spot — was already sore and the work had to be done. So I gave it a go.

It’s strong. Like, what did I just do strong. Expect that first-time shock. Once it settled in, I went out to do my thing. About an hour or so later, I came back in and did a quick pain assessment and found I was in less pain than when I went out.

I’ve used the lotion a few other times and on a couple of other spots with the same success. It’s not a fix, but it is the best product I’ve used in a long time for pain relief. So as we go into growing season and I am cultivating my garden and doing tons of weeding, I will absolutely look to NatuEra’s Relief & Recovery Topical Roll-On Lotion to relieve my pain again.