EDX Education Makes Educational Toys

edx educational toys

EDX Education has been making educational toys that are eye-catching and popular with the under 3 crowd. There are Geo Pegs and Pegboard made for 18 months and up that help develop fine motor skills, and the pegs are a lot of fun to stack. It takes a little bit of strength to place the pegs on the pegboard as well as stack them, which improves and strengthens the muscles in the hands. These are the muscles that need to be developed for using scissors and holding pencils.

The pegboard is great for counting, sorting, and making different designs. My favorite is the sorting bears with matching bowls made for 3 and up. The bears are ridiculously adorable and this is a great toy to work on matching colors, counting, and sorting. These are early math skills that every child needs to develop.

The 2cm Linking Cubes, made for 3-year-olds and up, are made in a variety of bright, eye-catching colors and they are great for counting and sorting as well.

Think of these as an educational Lego set. The other cool thing about these linking cubes is that when you pop one off, it makes a very satisfying popping sound. I’ve seen many 2-year-olds giggle because of this sound. They seem to be awed due to the instant burst of noise and jump with excitement.

You cannot go wrong purchasing one of these items from EDX as they are classic learning toys that every kid should have. They combine two very important things when it comes to toys, they teach many skills and they’re fun to play with. Your little one won’t even know they’re learning.