Disposable Face Masks

I wanted to make sure I had a mask that was comfortable and protective with the new mask mandate in place.   I prefer the disposable masks over the cloth ones because I feel like they provide that extra protection.

I tried the DemeTECH ASTM Level 3- assorted colors.  The package includes some fun colors such as pink, purple, yellow, green and black.   Now it was easy to accessorize and be protected at the same time. The masks have a protective layer that provides high protection against fluids, high breathability, and excellent protection against airborne bacteria.  It also has a filter layer that provides at least 98% filtration against airborne particles and bacteria.  Finally it has an inner comfort layer that enables wearers to comfortably wear masks for long periods of time.  Great for teachers or kids that have to wear a mask in school all day.

I also tried the DemeTECH DT-D95 Pink/White N95 Respirator Mask.  I like to use these when I’m indoors for long periods of time or in crowded places such as airports or if I visit a medical facility. The masks are a bit pricier but they are very comfortable.  They also have 5 layers with filtration to help keep away those airborne particles.     This D95 respiratory mask is manufactured using the highest-quality material.

The masks come in various sizes, colors and styles.   The earloops are a good fit and they are breathable and provide that extra layer of protection.  Give them a try.

Masks can be purchased at DemeTech’s amazon store.