DKShin Jeans

Sometimes it is really nice to splurge a little bit to treat yourself.  Listen; you were home for months on end with the kids and nowhere to go; literally I hid in the closet at one point last month.  Founder Andre Williams (a former NFL player) wanted a line of jeans not so “stretchy”.  He couldn’t seem to find a pair of jeans that fit his athletic build so he decided to create them on his own!  This is high quality Japanese selvedge denim with just enough of everything you need.  The minute you touch them you can tell these are great pants – the fabric is soft and really beautiful.  The brand is DKShin and you are welcome in advance for sharing this brand with you!

The hubby is wearing the AW Selvedge “George Ripe”.  These are incredibly soft and are a darker denim wash.  You actually should avoid washing them so much to preserve their awesomeness!  I know that is probably not what you wanna hear during a pandemic but I promise you it’s worth it to follow their instructions.  You will simply be in awe of the quality I can promise you that.

So many awesome options; they run about $250-300 depending on the style.  You simply have to check out the women’s line as well they are perfection!  Think early holiday shopping or like I said before, just spoil yourself!