Tifosi Optical For The Gamer!

Now that we are fully accustomed to working and schooling from home and there doesn’t seem to be a true end in sight, in my house we are starting to notice how much time we are on devices.  Even when the kids take a break and play a game or two with friends the constant exposure to blue light makes our eyes dry and cause lots of fatigue.  I was asked to check out Tifosi Optic’s custom blue light filtering glasses and I am so glad I did!  My daughter and I enjoyed designing the style; so many colors and size/shape combinations that in no time we had the frame of our dreams coming to our front doorstep!

These glasses are super comfortable and super lightweight.  This is because they are made with Grimalid TR-90.  We went with the “swank” style, “onyx clear” for the frame color, “ultraviolet” for the arms (yeah purple glasses!) and “smoke polarized” for the lens.  They really are just perfect.  For about $40 you will have yourself a pair of glasses that will be comfortable, fashionable and protect you from harmful UV rays.  Oh and they are polycarbonate so the kids will find them shatterproof and you won’t be worried all day they will break them.  For this amazing price point these really are the perfect solution to all this extra screen time and the consequences that happen as a result.

Tifosi also has a great line of sunglasses that you will be sure to love for general use, golf, running, fishing, cycling and safety.

I am so happy to share this great company with you guys! These really are a sight for “sore eyes”!!