Do Weighted Blankets Really Help Reduce Anxiety?

Weighted BlanketDo Weighted Blankets Really Help Reduce Anxiety?

All of my friends are telling me it works, but I’ve never tried a weight blanket for anxiety until now.

I am not speaking scientifically, but as a mom losing her mind during covid and I was more than willing to try a weighted blanket to see if it helped with my anxiety or my kid’s anxiety.

We used the Minky & Sherpa Weighted Blanket from Comma Home.

They say that they can not only help with anxiety but help kids with ADHD self soothe. They say that the pressure of the blanket can actually help release serotonin in the brain.

That said, I’m talking purely from a mom’s perspective, and this blanket really did knock me out.

You feel the weight, and you don’t feel hot. You don’t feel like you’re suffocating in it.  It’s so soft, and I just love how big this is.  I know it sounds weird to talk about a blanket and make it more elaborate, but this is like a unique experience in and of itself.

When you climb under this blanket, you feel like you’re getting a universal hug.  It’s such a unique feeling where the blanket is warm but not really warm. Tight but comforting.

Okay, so many extremes, but it’s a unique experience, and an unforgettable experience deserves dozens of words.

I gotta, say I absolutely love this.  It’s a comforting experience that really did calm me down, and I even used to help go to sleep. I mean, as a mom, I really did feel a bit more relaxed. I won’t say it scientifically reduced my anxiety, but I certainly felt better afterward.

Beyond the weighted aspect, this blanket was gorgeous and well made.  Check it out at Comma Home.   I find it an interesting alternative and probably much healthier than downing a few glasses of chardonnay.