L’OR Espresso To Start Your Day!

These days as we continue to fight the pandemic/winter blues, we will try anything that will get our day started out the best it can!  I am a huge coffee drinker and always happy to try out a new product.  This week we my husband and I tried out L’OR Espresso Capsules and all I can say is “WOW…where has this been my whole coffee drinking life!!”

They come in 8 yummy flavors: New Guinea, Colombia, Onyx, Or Absolu, Profondo Lungo, Estremo Lungo,  Ristretto and Reistretto Decaffeinato.  These are compatible with your Nespresso coffee maker and are really easy to use.  You will actually think you are better a barista than the girl in your favorite coffeehouse.  I like the strongest coffee possible so my first grab was their Lungo Estremo.  This is dark roasted espresso and a really full-bodied coffee.  I also really adore Onyx; this one is dark roasted Arabica and has a unique hint of cocoa.  My husband grabbed up Colombia which is a nice, tangy full bodied espresso that he said needed to be part of his regular routine.  For the end of your hectic day, perhaps try Ristretto Decaffeinato that has all the tastes of espresso you love including notes of toasted almonds but will not kick your butt on the caffeine.  You really cannot go wrong no matter which blend you choose and for about $7 for a box of 10 you can have luxury coffee without breaking the bank.

Check them out! This is “pure coffee bliss”!