Do you collect Crazy Mugs Like Me?

Ceramic mugs

Collecting crazy mugs seems to be a thing. I feel like we start off with a standard beautiful set, and one brakes, and then we start to make a collection of crazy mugs.


I myself once had a beautiful collection of Mikasa mugs. At this point, the original set of eight, only two even remain. Over the years, I’ve increased this collection with mugs from my travels, and I’ll buy one whenever I find that the large obnoxious mugs.  The crazier and more obnoxious, the more popular in my household.


Servette Home sells wacky mugs which at least cut out that awkward stage of wondering and searching for a perfect oddly looking mug.


As you can see in this photo, We have chocolate chip cookie mug, cupcake mug, and birthday cake. All of these crazy mugs follow the theme of cooking, so I actually thought it was a perfect gift for the person who loves baking in your life.


But I’m really stuck left wondering why nobody is discussing the situation of our mug collections more often.

Why do we even attempt to buy a full set of mugs when we are undoubtedly going to find all the unique mugs to make the world’s funkiest mug collection? Why is it that we set ourselves up for failure when the ultimate goal is the grouping of crazy mugs that have nothing to do with one’s original set.

My only hope is that my article here might lead to a cultural change forcing people to realize that they don’t necessarily need to get a collection of mugs upfront, but in fact, can create their own haphazard collection of outrageous and crazy mugs.