KC Cubs

I absolutely love this rug from KC Cubs! The colors are so bright and vibrant. My two toddlers have not stopped playing on it since we unrolled it. As soon as they saw the rainbow of colors, they were excited. My oldest son can recite the alphabet already so I’m hoping this will allow him to teach his younger brother using the fun format the letters are presented in. I like that the letters are also represented with a symbol that matches; it reinforces the teaching aspect of this mat. It is soft to touch and laid flat on the floor without any issue. Many rugs can come with an odor once unrolled, and I am pleased to say that this was not an issue with this rug.


This is the perfect play mat for their playroom, considering it is withstanding play-doh, markers, and crayons without a problem. There are so many educational features to this playmat that my son can practice his letters, numbers, and shapes all in one place. They have already come up with so many games they can play with their trains and trucks using the squares and shapes. Needless to say, this mat will provide endless possibilities for creative playtime.