Where has Wee Stand been our entire lives?!?

I truly want everyone to stop and check out this amazingly useful item that comes packed in such a cute tiny box.  It is called WEE STAND and it has really made things easier in my house.  I know we are all getting back to reality (thankfully) but some things are still virtual or have the potential to be virtual so probably best that we have everything we need on hand all the time just in case.  That is literally what I learned over the past 15  months.

WEE Stand is your “ultra portable music stand”.  Within minutes you can set up your 3 legged stand and adjust it into several different positions.  It is super sturdy which is amazing since it is super light weight and fits in your bag.  This could potentially be such an asset to your little musician in that it can go right in the backpack or music bag for your busy week’s practice schedule.  I also want to mention how easy to fold it down and put away it was; how many times do we see these “awesome products” that pop up easily and then no one can close them or break them down.  So not the case here.  You can use this stand for a tablet, books and papers.  You can even put two sheets side by side.  I want to mention that this can be used for purposes other than music as well; my daughter used it today to hold her iPad that she was taking a virtual dance lesson on.  So convenient!

Please check them out!