Dock & Bay Quick Drying Beach Towel

For most of us, summertime is beach time and I don’t know about you, but part of my beach going preferences is to have a good towel. Dock & Bay offers excellent beach and travel towels made from 220gsm suede microfiber. They are an 80/20 combination of polyester and polyamide (a synthetic fiber), which is what gives it that plush feeling, while simultaneously being thin and easy to pack. Dock & Bay towels are lightweight for easy transport. In fact, they’re about 50% the weight of a regular cotton towel of the same size. The largest Dock & Bay beach towel is only 1.8 lbs.

Now when I’m buying a beach towel, I want one that’s big enough. I want to be able to wrap it all the way around me, and be able to lay on it without hanging over the edge. Dock & Bay makes some of the largest beach towels available. There are three sizes offered. The large is 160×80/63×35″, the extra-large is 200x90cm/78×35″, and the round towel is 190cm/75″ in diameter. I want my towel to be soft, but also absorbent. I can’t stand that soft-towel fuzz that leaves a layer of moisture on my skin. When I’m drying off, I want to be dry! The suede microfiber that Dock & Bay towels are made of isn’t just plush, it absorbs twice its weight in water, and fast.

Last on my list is stylishness. Like most people, I enjoy having stylish accessories, especially if it’s a good investment. Dock & Bay offers towels that come in bright primary and secondary colors offset with thick white stripes. It’s a very classy look. Also, each Dock & Bay towel comes in a soft cotton pouch that you can use to carry it. Of course, you could use the pouch to carry other personal items if you prefer. All of these qualities (lightweight, absorbent, quick-drying, large yet compactable, soft, and stylish) make Dock & Bay the best travel/vacation towel you can have, and they’re only $20.

There’s a few more notes I want to share with you. You can wash your Dock & Bay towel like normal, but don’t dry it. Remember how they’re quick drying already? Just hang it up, that way you don’t risk messing it up by exposing it to too much heat. You can also have your Dock & Bay towels customized, and they can be ordered in bulk. Finally, if you’re active or athletic, Dock & Bay also makes gym and sports towels. Check out their website for more.

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