FiveADRIFT, Clean the Ocean One Towel at a Time

Summer is here! The beach is calling. But knowing you are looking at an ocean filled with plastic might ruin your mood quite a bit. Luckily, you can help! Choose FiveADRIFT towels. Each one you purchase removes 75 plastic bottles from the ocean. But how? Well, FiveADRIFT uses 100% of its profits toward removing plastic from the ocean. They donate 100% of their operating profits to charity every year. Charities like Surfrider, Oceana, and Ocean Conservancy. Every time you unfurl one of the FiveADRIFT towels on the beach, rest easy because you made the earth a better place.


These FiveADRIFT towels are not only good for planet earth, they are actually amazing beach towels! They absorb up to 3 times more water than regular towels, due to the Hemp core. The towels fold up really small, so you can easily fit them into any bag or picnic basket. They are light, dry unbelievably fast, and are extremely durable. I love their large size and beautiful design.

So, these towels are amazing. But did you know they are environmentally friendly created as well? FiveADRIFT towels are created with low-water plants such as hemp and flax that require little to no pesticides or herbicides. No plastic at all is used in these towels! The towels are packaged in recycled cardboard instead of plastic. And the CO2 from delivery is offset.

FiveADRIFT also offers other accessories such as water bottles and tote bags.