Wander & Roam Play Mats on the Go

Our family loves being outdoors. The kids can’t keep still inside. But, not all days are ideal for outdoor play. When it rains, everything is wet. We needed a play mat we could take outside in all kinds of weather. We found it when we checked out Wander & Roam play mats.

Wander & Roam offers vegan leather play mats. Made out of faux leather, the mats are water- and stain-resistant! At all times, they give our baby a safe place to play, and when the ground is wet, they give our toddler a dry place to have fun. Wander & Roam makes the mats using non-toxic materials and ink. The mats exceed US & European Standards, Prop 65, and CPSIA tests.

image of child playing on Wander & Roam playmat

The Wander & Roam mats are of very high quality and are made tough to last for years! Designed without bright colors, ABCs, racetracks, or railroads, they stimulate the imagination of the children with natural patterns and without guiding the play. If you want to use the mat indoors (think about protecting your flooring during play dough or painting fun), it will fit right into your decor. Their slogan is true: “Designed for mom, made for kids.”

We received the wildflowers design. I love the large size (52″ x 52″), and the beautiful flowers printed on it. It folds easily and we can take it along wherever we go. We use it in the garden after the rain, to have our picnics on, to protect our floor when the kids are fingerpainting, and to take to the beach. Each and every time, this mat has proven it can endure it all! All the mess is easy to clean off, and our kids love it.

Check out their website. Mats run $29 to $159. You can also find them on Amazon.