Top Earbuds and AirPod Alternatives to Consider

SennHeiser Momentum True Wireless 2I feel like everybody is using AirPods these days, but are these really your only choice?  Sometimes the hype might not just be worth your budget. Over the past year, we’ve reviewed a few different earbuds, each with its own pros and cons. Some are strictly earbuds but others are variants, like those below.

Now, I’m not going to knock AirPods, which have basically become legends in their own right, but there are quite a few other options that you might want to consider in this world.

Below are some direct reviews of our favorite AirPod alternatives to consider and each review goes into the pros and cons.

1) We covered Sennheiser‘s Momentum True Wireless 2 and loved the look of them.

2) Urbanista’s Paris is on sale right now actually!

3) Lucyd Glasses are a crazy alternative for buds and just give a different feel.

4) Stockholm Plus is a nice classic earbud that does the job.

5) Maskfone is unique as we are always wearing masks, so if you’re in a mask all day, this might be for you.

6) Urbanista London has some mighty good noise cancellation that does the job quite well.

7) Outlier Air v3 Earbuds are quite a contender and have the coolest looking case.

8) Baseus is on sale for a ridiculous price today.

9) Dottir – is basically designed for working out!


Now, we don’t want to bias you toward one earbud, but we wanted to give you many different options to weigh and compare.


What’s your favorite to use?

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