EarthKind Stay Away Pest Repellents

Listen…no matter how clean our houses are there is always the occasional pest we just don’t want to deal with.  When you need a product to take care of these annoying little creatures you will worry about the chemicals/toxins etc. that may be in them and around your children and pets.  I know that is what I worry about!

Check out the amazing plant based repellents and deterrents available from EarthKind and you will never look at another product again.

Here is what we received to try out:

Stay Away Ants & Cockroaches ($9.95 each):  I have issues by my front bay window with ants so I was thrilled to get this one.  They are little pouches you can easily place anywhere.  They contain plant-derived essential oils and other botanical ingredients.  The smell from the pouch is actually rather nice all while it keeps the ants away.  The pouch will last about 30 days.  Multi packs are available.

Stay Away Spiders ($9.95 each):  same situation here.  The pouch is easy to place anywhere you have the need.  It contains essential oils and botanical ingredients.  Made with farm grown ingredients right here in the USA.  Protection per pouch lasts about 30 days.  Multi packs are available.

Stay Away Rodent ($9.95 each):  I am happy to have these pouches and hope I NEVER NEED THEM!  Simply place the pouch anywhere you notice rodent activity/droppings.  Protection lasts about 30 days per pouch.  Made in the USA with all natural ingredients.

Great options to have on hand in your home!  Check them out!