Making Memories Box –

Who doesn’t love a great craft/activity subscription box!?!  Making Memories Box is a monthly subscription box option where you choose the box and number of kids you would like supplies for.   The experts then pack the box with all the materials needed to make some pretty super cool crafts!  You will enjoy these activities the entire month and each box includes things to do together as a family, independent activities and fund games.  Some of the items are keepsakes – I know I have a bins of my children’s masterpieces and for sure some of these items will be going there as well!

We have Septembers Box; the theme is Kindness!  Who doesn’t need to revisit being kind every once and awhile.  My family is already busy working on a time capsule, making friendship bracelets, a cloud canvas painting that has your child writing kind things about themselves, notes of affirmation (we all benefit from these) and of course my favorite the bucket filler book/activity.  The book was engaging and very appropriate for my family.  I was able to ask them how they would feel in certain situations and what should/would fill their bucket.  We then began working on the activity – what are your strengths/weaknesses etc.  What do you work hard at? What do you want to work harder at?  I truly loved the quality items in the box!!

I am already perusing October – a great “Boo Box” that will have you in the Halloween spirit in no time!

Check this awesome subscription box option out for your family!  A box for one child will cost about $39.95, about $45 for two children, $50 for three children and $55 for four children.

Maybe a gift for your grandchildren/nieces/nephews for the upcoming holidays!