Pure Rosy Period Underwear

I have a teenage daughter here which is a 24/7 challenge.  Any product to make our lives that much easier speaks volumes to this tired mommy.

Life doesn’t stop or pause when you get your “monthly visitor”.  How about a great and super comfortable pair of underwear that are really absorbent and have a built in pad that actually can hold (3) tampon’s worth of blood.  Pure Rosy are completely leakproof.  This is a GREAT solution to the days prior to your period start or the tail end “light days” when you just don’t know what to expect and don’t want to worry or be caught in any kind of “icky” or awkward situation.

Here is what I love:

They have really cute/trendy bikini, hipster and brief options.  We were sent a hipster; they are very soft and stretchy.  They are machine washable and should be not be put in the dryer to extend their life.  You can use these for light days, days you anticipate your period or even on heavy days as an extra barrier to your tampon/maxi pad preference.

The cost is about $29 a pair – but they offer great 3/4 pack options that you can mix and match styles.  I really am very impressed by this product!