Eclipse Backpack by Solo

eclipse_backpack(as reviewed by Miles K, age 10)

I have received the Solo Eclipse back pack so today we are going to review it.

The Solo backpack has tablet case/holder. and a holder for your laptop. There are four pockets in the bag and it has two water bottle holders inside. There are two pockets, one has a strap with a key hook at the end. It has heavy duty shoulder straps with breathing holes. My favorite thing about it is the cool and slick style. Also the bag is part it is part of the gravity collection . Another reason I like it is the zippers have a cool cut out and the liner are commando and the inside has a mesh organizer and it has a camouflage pencil case and organize and tow more mesh organizers.

The backpack has back has a pillow like filling. The whole bag is padded except one pocket. My friends would like it because it can store a laptop and a tablet and it is a good deal because it has 15 storage spaces. It is about 80 dollars and that is about five dollars a pocket / compartment /holder thing/pencil holder and compartments. It is also adjustable with straps and loops for easy access and has a sleek look

You should buy this bag if you need a bag for a plain or for your laptop you can buy it today for 79.99. If you want to learn more go to

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