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The holidays are coming and with that always comes the eating and drinking that causes the need for dieting for 7 years!  While I love this season, I loathe this season.  I personally will be bringing bottles from Skinnygirl with me this year so I know that even though I had two cookies, I am not drinking a heavy caloric beverage.  Their fantastic Wine Collection features the whole line up: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Rose, Red Blend, Moscato, White Blend, Prosecco, Pinot Grigio and the absolutely delicious Cabernet Sauvignon I just sampled.  These bottles are 100 calories a serving and speaking my language!  Finally a glass of vino you don’t have to spin class off the next day!  This “Cab Sav” actually has such a delicious dark fruity taste that you cannot believe it is calorie conscience at all!

Also, I gave one of their Ready To Serve cocktails a try; I do love me a margarita from time to time and I always enjoy a little heat so owner Bethenny Frankel’s Spicy Lime Margarita is perfection to me.  This is a great cocktail served chilled: a mix of premium blue agave tequila, chili and lime; it featured the perfect level of heat.  Of course other “cosmos”, “ritas”, and “coladas” exist also for your adoration!  Also a great line of low-cal vodkas; certainly being added to my list for Santa!

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