Eco Friendly Comforters at Sunday Citizen

I think you might be wondering, how can I ever write a few hundred words on a comforter. Clearly, we would expect a comforter to be comfortable since it’s well, the name. But what makes this comforter from Sunday Citizen unique is their extra commitment to the environment.


So to start off with yes this is probably one of the most comfortable comforters that I have ever which feels to be a rather big criteria in what makes a good comforter. What makes this particular comforter unique is that the filling is made from the recycled materials of 50 different bottles. On top of that, they use bamboo which is of course an Eco-friendly material since it grows so fast.


But beyond those massive ecological considerations, they also have some decent business initiatives. Free returns, 90-day trial, etc.. that struck me the most because I’m making a purchase like this I’d rather not worry if I can return it or not. All too often we think of Amazon as the only place for free returns which is clearly not the case.


So the combination here of an eco-friendly product that is going to last me a while, and something I could but with a free trial with is not a bad thing. It’s probably like I said it’s one of the most comfortable and softest materials I’ve had with those other business factors. Well, these simply reinforce the decision here that Sunday Citizen is awesome.